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ID-COOLING Warranty Information

Thank you for choosing ID-COOLING products!

We are committed to providing excellent customer service. Here, you'll find detailed warranty information about our products. We also strongly encourage you to read our FAQ page about product installations and commonly encountered technical questions before initiating a warranty claim.

General Terms

- ID-COOLING guarantees all brand-new products are free from defects of function and workmanship.
- All products purchased from authorized retailers or resellers are covered by ID-COOLING warranty program.
- Warranty terms differ from one country to another due to local laws and regulations. The below terms serve as warranty guidelines for all distribution areas. Please inquire your local resellers for detailed warranty service.
-Before you submit your product for warranty, please make sure you have your purchase invoice with you. You shall submit the warranty claim first to their original reseller/retailer with valid proof of product defects or failure.

Warranty Period

The warranty period for different range of products is listed below and is calculated from the date of purchase. If the product has been sold multiple times, the warranty period is from the very first purchase date, as indicated on the receipt from an authorized reseller. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase. Keep the warranty card and purchase invoice for your warranty service.

AIO Liquid Cooler

  • DASHFLOW XT Series: 3 years
  • SPACE LCD Series: 3 years
  • ZOOMFLOW Series: 2 years
  • AURAFLOW Series: 2 years
  • FROSTFLOW / FX Series: 2 years
  • PINKFLOW Series: 2 years

CPU Air Cooler

  • FROZN Series: 3 years
  • SE- Series: 2 years
  • IS- Series: 2 years
  • DK- Series: 2 years

Case Fan

  • AF- Series: 3 Years
  • DF- Series: 3 Years
  • AS- Series: 2 Years
  • ZF- Series: 2 Years
  • TF- Series: 2 Years
  • XF- Series: 2 Years
  • NO-*-XT Series: 2 Years
  • NO-*-SD Series: 1 Year
  • FL Series: 1 Year

M.2 Cooler

  • ZERO M Series: 2 Years


  • HA- Series: 1 Year
  • FH- Series: 1 Year
  • FS- Series: 1 Year

Thermal Grease

  • FROST X Series: 6 Months


- Warranty is void in cases of unauthorized modification, changes of non-ID-COOLING parts, component alterations, or improper handling, or when users do not follow the provided instructions.
-Refurbished or modified products are not covered by this warranty statement due to the fact that sellers of such products may change some critical components.

Scope of Warranty

These warranty conditions shall apply to all ID-COOLING products as of January 1, 2023.