Frequently Asked Questions
Which coolers are compatible with LGA1851?
All coolers which are compatible with LGA1700 will be compatible with LGA1851. Please do check cooler TDP and compare with the processor you're intended to cool to make sure they match each other.
What's the definition of the cable pins of a 4pin PWM fan?
Typically the 4 pins are: ground (GND), voltage supply (V), tachometer signal (TACH), and pulse width modulation (PWM). TACH pin outputs a series of pulses (tachometer signal) corresponding to the fan's rotational speed. These pulses are used by the motherboard or fan controller to monitor the fan's RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). PWM pin carries the PWM signal, which is used to control the fan's speed. The PWM signal varies the duty cycle (percentage of time the signal is high versus low) to adjust the fan speed. A higher duty cycle results in a faster fan speed, while a lower duty cycle slows the fan down. See image below:
PWM Fan Pinout
Can I mount an extra fan to CPU air cooler?
Usually for the tower CPU coolers, an extra pair of fan clips are included so you don't need to purchase separately in case you build a push-pull configuration.
Can I install extra fans on radiator to make a push pull configuration?
Yes, the radiator always comes with mounting holes on both sides. Please do check the fan thickness and make sure you have the correct screws to attach them.
Is HA-02 compatible with 12V RGB fans?
Unfortunately no. HA-02 ARGB fan hub is designed with 8 PWM ports and 8 ARGB ports. ARGB ports are designed for 3pin Addressable RGB devices with pin definitions: +5V, Data, Ground.
Can I daisy chain more fans onto HA-02 fan hub more than 8 fans?
You may check how many LEDs you have with each fan, HA-02 is able to power 140 x ARGB LEDs at the same time, no matter how you daisy chain your fans.
Can I mount ZERO M15 onto M.2 2280 SSD?
ZERO M05, M15 and M25 are specifically designed for desktop motherboard M.2 SSD in the size of 22x80mm, commonly called M.2 2280. But these three products are not compatible with M.2 SSD in other form factors such as M.2 2242, 2260, 22110.
What is the difference between ZOOMFLOW, AURAFLOW, FROSTFLOW?
To summarize, the biggest difference for these 3 product lines are: ZOOMFLOW represents the ARGB lighting series, AURAFLOW for RGB lighting series and FROSTFLOW for none backlit or white backlit only.
Can I replace the fan on the coolers with other brands' fans, such as Noctua, Arctic, Deepcool, etc?
Most of the time yes. You can switch the fan to other brands as long as their fans are produced with the industrial standard sizes.
Can I mount 30mm thickness fans onto FROZN A620 CPU air cooler?
Yes, you can. The gap between the two heatsinks is wide enough to be compatible with 30mm thickness fans. However, you may need to find the proper fan clip by yourself.
Can I mount FROZN A620 CPU air cooler into Cooler Master NR200P?
According to Cooler Master official data, NR200P tempered glass edition is compatible with 153mm CPU cooler and Vented version with 155mm. But we tested FROZN A620 BLACK in NR200P glass edition and it fits just tight well.
Is it okay to connect the 4pin PWM fan into a 3pin header on the motherboard?
Yes, it is totally fine. But unfortunately, you will lose the PWM function on the fan. The only way to adjust fan speed is to use the DC fan mode to do it.
How to turn off the ARGB lighting on the coolers?
When a liquid cooler or air cooler includes an Addressable RGB fan, the fan will always come with two separate headers: one is for PWM power input and the other is for ARGB lighting. You can either unplug the ARGB cable or turn the ARGB lighting off from the motherboard software. If you use an RC-ARGB, you can simply hold "S" and "C" simultaneously until the light is turned off.
Can I turn off the lighting on DK-07i RAINBOW / DK-07A RAINBOW?
Unfortunately no. The white LED lighting on DK-07i RAINBOW / DK-07A RAINBOW is directly powered by the Voltage connection.
Can I turn off the lighting on TF-12025-PRO SW?
Unfortunately no. The white LED lighting on TF-12025-PRO SW is directly powered by the Voltage connection.