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  • PureOverclock

    Breaking into the PC hardware industry is not easy. In our opinion, ID-Cooling has done a great job and is going to be around for a long time. By the looks and performance of their product; They have two winners in the SE-204K and the SE-214X. ID-Cooling certainly is not breaking any cooling records with these products but they put a lot of thought into them and engineered two real slick looking air coolers for your PC.

  • red454

    Performance was on par with similar sized (and price) coolers. The SE-204K is a nice jump beyond OEM cooling, but still a sizable notch below the larger dual tower coolers with 140mm fans, and that is no surprise. For daily use in a mild gaming rig, this cooler will be right at home. If you really overclock and frequently load your system, you may want to look at a larger capacity cooler.

  • Hendra Wijaya

    ID-COOLING SE-204K has a physical design like a heatsink products that are in high-end class that has a built premium quality. This is evident from the materials used in the fin heatsink that feels hard and solid, and coupled with the whole body of the heatsink which is coated with a layer of chrome. In addition to having a physical design that is quite luxurious for its class, SE-204K heatsink even this also has the ability to relatively good cooling performance.

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