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  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper (Socket TR4) Ready Now! AURAFLOW / FROSTFLOW+ / FROSTFLOW Series upgradable!

  • FROSTFLOW+ Series AIO water cooler, featuring classic black and white theme design, high performance pump and new radiator design.

  • SF-12025 series adopts 11 blades design to get the best air pressure performance data. Running at 1500RPM, the static pressure is 1.78mmH20 and the air flow is 62CFM. All SF series fans have PWM function so to keep the balance between noise and performance.

  • We have been waiting for so long! Now is the time. AMD released their latest and power Ryzen series and the new socket type is AM4. The mounting position has been adjusted a little bit. But we’re ready if you want to find your AM4 compatible cooler or you want to upgrade your ID-COOLING coolers. You can check below for details.

  • CF-14025 adopts the blade design from SF series to enhance the air pressure performance. With PWM function, the fan can run between 200rpm and 1300rpm, providing a maximum airflow of 65.5CFM. Rubber dampeners are added to each corner to help absorb operation vibration so as to keep quiet. Both sides of the frame have the rubber dampeners so you’re free to use the fan as a push or a pull.

  • ICEKIMO 240VGA features a green theme design with green LEDs on the fans and the VGA board cover. The LED logo can be seen through the side panel on computer cases. Designed with a powerful pump with a water flow of 96L/H and a 240mm radiator mounted with dual 120mm PWM fans, this cooler offers exceptional cooling performance.

  • HUNTER DUET is equipped with a 240mm radiator mounted with a pair of SF-12025 high static pressure fans. Fan speed is PWM controlled from 800 to 2000RPM, pushing max. airflow of 84.5CFM each. On four corners are mounted with rubber dampeners to absorb operating vibration.

  • With a vapor chamber base to draw heat immediately from the processor, IS-VC45 is able to handle TDP 130W CPUs. Measuring 94×92×45mm, this cooler can fit into Mini-ITX systems easily.

  • One thing makes SE-204K stand out among all coolers is black nickel plating which is now becoming less and less applied on CPU Coolers. Heatsink fins are stocked into four 8mm heatpipes which are soldered to the cooper base. The heatsink is built to handle 150W TDP with one bundled 120mm PWM fan.

  • SE-214X is featuring the new Aluminum Stick Support Technology: one pure aluminum stick is added rising from the base till all through the whole heatsink fins. This design provides firm structure of the heatsink and also enables the base to contact the CPU surface more tightly due to the force of the aluminum stick.

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