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    HUNTER Series air coolers are specially designed with innovative vapor chamber technology to provide the best cooling performance for your gaming and overclocking system.
  • SE Series
    SE stands for Sweden, one of the north Europe countries. SE series coolers are all designed with tower heatsink set. Tower heatsink design is proven to be one of the best cooling designs in terms of efficiency and cost ratio. SE series provide the most comprehensive coolers for you to choose, from 95W to 200W, from 80mm to 140mm fans, and from single heatsink to dual heatsinks.
  • IS Series
    IS stands for Iceland, one of the north Europe countries. More and more people look for PC in small sizes, both for gaming and office use. Iceland series are designed with low-profile concept to fit into small PCs. The heatsink set is designed in low-profile but still proved to be highly effective in heat dissipation. Fans are not only slim but also quiet.
  • DK Series
    DK stands for Denmark, one of the north Europe countries. Sunflower heatsink is designed to solve the cooling problem for many different users. Stock coolers are normally noisy. That's why we design Denmark series to provide an effective and quiet cooling solution for both Intel and AMD users.
    You can find our legacy products here.