Intel LGA2066/2011/1366/1200/1151/1150/1155/1156/775

 AMD AM4/FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2(TR4 Optional)



 Radiator Dimension


 Radiator Material


 Tube Material

 Premium Sleeved Rubber Tubing

 Tube Length


 Waterblock Dimension


 Cold Plate Material


 Pump Current


 Pump Speed


 Pump Bearing

 Ceramic Bearing

 Pump Life Expectancy

 50,000 Hrs

 Pump Noise Level


 Fan Dimension


 Included Fans


 Fan Speed


 Max. Air Flow


 Max. Static Pressure




 Rated Voltage


 Operating Voltage


 Started Voltage


 Rated Current


 Power Input


 Bearing Type

 Hydraulic Bearing

  • red454

    Being the new kid on the block may cause some to lower their expectations, but ID-Cooling does not disappoint with the FrostFlow series of coolers. The cooler performed well under a mild overclock and the fan noise was not a concern. I am a big fan of red and black styling, but if you are not, then you do have a couple more options in the blue or white categories. Plus the "Comet Tail" LED on the pump is a nice feature. It adds a little motion to an otherwise static component. This feature, while not a performance feature, does make the FrostFlow stand out a little in a market that is becoming somewhat saturated with liquid coolers. The cooler comes with two 120mm PWM fans, but I did like the extra fans that were supplied for testing - the red LEDs made them stand out, and they are rather affordable at less than $10 each. While there was a slight improvement in cooling, it was not a significant amount. The two fans that come with the cooler are certainly adequate. But there is definitley a "cool" factor with a four-fan push / pull configuration. Just a reminder - the included fans with the AIO cooler are not LED fans. The FrostFlow 240L is certainly a capable cooler. As for pricing, the MSRP is $99.99 (on Newegg), and this is in line with other similar sized coolers. Check out the FrostFlow 240L if you are in the market for a new CPU cooler!

  • Сергей Лепилов

    Новая система жидкостного охлаждения ID COOLING FROSTFLOW 240L нас ничем особенным не впечатлила, но и не разочаровала. Её эффективность находится на типичном для охладителей данного класса уровне и из-за тонкого алюминиевого радиатора сильно зависит от скорости вращения вентиляторов. При высоких скоростях она без труда превосходит по эффективности лучшие воздушные кулеры, а при низких начинает немного уступать им. Тем не менее если не зацикливаться на уровне шума, то с помощью FROSTFLOW 240L можно добиться определённых успехов при разгоне даже самых горячих процессоров. Из особенностей данной модели отметим более производительную помпу, оригинальные вентиляторы интересного дизайна с виброгасителями, входящую в комплект термопасту, а также подсветку крышки помпы. К недостаткам или, скорее, неудобствам отнесём чрезмерно жёсткие шланги, которые не спасают даже поворотные фитинги на помпе. В целом при цене 99 долларов США FROSTFLOW 240L вполне способна составить достойную конкуренцию аналогичным моделям других производителей. Остается лишь посетовать, что нам хотелось бы уже видеть реальный прогресс в таких системах, а не топтание на месте под бубны маркетологов.

  • Thomas Soderstrom

    Our test results speak for themselves. ID-Cooling's Frostflow 240L offers the best full-speed temperature ever achieved on this test system, the best low-speed acoustic efficiency of any closed-loop cooler tested on this system, and the lowest price of any 2x 120mm cooler ever tested on our system. However, while some users prefer integrated fan and pump control, the Frostflow 240L uses motherboard-based controls. ID-Cooling pushes the value envelope by selling its product directly to customers at the lowest-possible price, undercutting competitors by an average of 22 percent. Fan blades designed to operate efficiently at a fairly low RPM are paired with a medium RPM fan motor, so users are best to leave fan control up to their motherboard. Better performance at a better price make the Frostflow 240L this editor's choice among 2x 120mm closed-loop CPU coolers.

  • Chad Sebring

    The reality of what the Frostflow 240L has shown us is that it is possible to make an AIO, offer it slightly cheaper than the rest, perform admirably, and hope the light shines favorably on you for your efforts. We feel that ID-Cooling has a strong leg to stand on to begin with, they just need to get these products into wider markets so more people can have access to the low price and the performance offered in such a kit. We do also realize that there may be a legal issue on this side of the pond as our instincts are telling us that these are not Asetek built sealed loop coolers. This means that unless you find the oddball site like we did, you may never see these on this side of the pond at all.

  • Petrus-Iulian

    Following performance numbers alone, then Fractal Design's Kelvin S24 is our most capable cooler. Second was ID-Cooling's newly released Frostflow 240L, followed closely by Thermaltake's Water 3.0 Extreme. If thermal performance is the most important part, and cost doesn't matter, then Fractal Design's Kelvin S24 or ID Cooling's Frostflow 240L offer similar results, though S24 is slightly more capable.

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