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  • Chad Sebring

    While this cooler is no doubt an old school concept that has been tweaked to stand up to what today's systems will put it through, it really appears that timing is everything when it comes to reviewing a product. While there is really not one thing about this cooler other than slightly curled fins that can easily be fixed to complain about, and had we seen this cooler first rather than the be quiet! Pure Rock, we may have shown a brighter light on the SE 214X, but being what it is, and since pricing is near identical as well, it is super hard to ignore what the Pure Rock was capable of doing just a few days ago.

  • Jordan

    Отметим абсолютную универсальность кулера, простоту его установки и совместимость с любыми модулями оперативной памяти, малый вес, качественный вентилятор и штатную возможность установки дополнительного вентилятора, а также вполне демократичную стоимость. Будем надеяться, что продукция ID-COOLING в скором времени появится на российском рынке.

  • Scritto Da Matteo Trinca

    Il modello SE 214X di ID-COOLING è un modello entry level, che però potrebbe essere preso in considerazione come acquisto per sistemi aventi anche un moderato overclock. Rapportato alla concorrenza certamente dobbiamo ammettere che potrebbe soffrire un pochino, ma dato il suo MSRP possiamo ritenerci soddisfatti, dato che non presenta problemi di progettazione o montaggio. La disponibilità in commercio è immediata.

  • Max Page

    ID-Cooling is a relatively young thermal solutions brand, founded in 2013 by several veterans of the computer industry in Shenzhen, China. The parent company, Shenzhen Wan Jing Hua Technology Co., Ltd. has been around over a decade though and holds a couple interesting patents, in particular WO2014107939 A1 for a hybrid vapour chamber / vertical heatpipe device. The heatsink Frostytech is testing today, appears to be covered by CN 203618274 U (SIPO translation): "The utility model aims to provide a cooling device, designed to solve the structure of the prior art so the radiator is not easily deformed when subject to impact damage."

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