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  • With a vapor chamber base to draw heat immediately from the processor, IS-VC45 is able to handle TDP 130W CPUs. Measuring 94×92×45mm, this cooler can fit into Mini-ITX systems easily.

  • One thing makes SE-204K stand out among all coolers is black nickel plating which is now becoming less and less applied on CPU Coolers. Heatsink fins are stocked into four 8mm heatpipes which are soldered to the cooper base. The heatsink is built to handle 150W TDP with one bundled 120mm PWM fan.

  • SE-214X is featuring the new Aluminum Stick Support Technology: one pure aluminum stick is added rising from the base till all through the whole heatsink fins. This design provides firm structure of the heatsink and also enables the base to contact the CPU surface more tightly due to the force of the aluminum stick.

  • ID-COOLING today released De-vibration LED Fan Series for those who want a beautifully lighted case.

  • The new Mini Case T60-SFX is also featuring compact design.

  • Simply put, V.C.V.P. means Vapor Chamber to Vapor Pipe. Other than normal heatpipe technology, V.C.V.P. technology allows the heatpipe directly soldered to the vapor chamber base. The hollow cavity of the heatpipe is connected to that of vapor chamber. The innovative idea is to enable a truly non-obstacle channel for heat transfer.