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ID-Cooling FrostFlow 240L Review - Overclockers.com Author:  red454    Date:  2016.10.16

Being the new kid on the block may cause some to lower their expectations, but ID-Cooling does not disappoint with the FrostFlow series of coolers. The cooler performed well under a mild overclock and the fan noise was not a concern. I am a big fan of red and black styling, but if you are not, then you do have a couple more options in the blue or white categories. Plus the "Comet Tail" LED on the pump is a nice feature. It adds a little motion to an otherwise static component. This feature, while not a performance feature, does make the FrostFlow stand out a little in a market that is becoming somewhat saturated with liquid coolers.

The cooler comes with two 120mm PWM fans, but I did like the extra fans that were supplied for testing - the red LEDs made them stand out, and they are rather affordable at less than $10 each. While there was a slight improvement in cooling, it was not a significant amount. The two fans that come with the cooler are certainly adequate. But there is definitley a "cool" factor with a four-fan push / pull configuration. Just a reminder - the included fans with the AIO cooler are not LED fans.

The FrostFlow 240L is certainly a capable cooler. As for pricing, the MSRP is $99.99 (on Newegg), and this is in line with other similar sized coolers. Check out the FrostFlow 240L if you are in the market for a new CPU cooler!

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