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ID-Cooling Frostflow 240L Closed-Loop CPU Cooler Review - Tom's Hardware Author:  Thomas Soderstrom    Date:  2016.01.06

Our test results speak for themselves. ID-Cooling's Frostflow 240L offers the best full-speed temperature ever achieved on this test system, the best low-speed acoustic efficiency of any closed-loop cooler tested on this system, and the lowest price of any 2x 120mm cooler ever tested on our system. However, while some users prefer integrated fan and pump control, the Frostflow 240L uses motherboard-based controls.

ID-Cooling pushes the value envelope by selling its product directly to customers at the lowest-possible price, undercutting competitors by an average of 22 percent. Fan blades designed to operate efficiently at a fairly low RPM are paired with a medium RPM fan motor, so users are best to leave fan control up to their motherboard. Better performance at a better price make the Frostflow 240L this editor's choice among 2x 120mm closed-loop CPU coolers.


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