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ID-Cooling Frostflow 240L CPU Liquid Cooler Review – Tweak Town Author:  Chad Sebring    Date:  2015.11.29

The reality of what the Frostflow 240L has shown us is that it is possible to make an AIO, offer it slightly cheaper than the rest, perform admirably, and hope the light shines favorably on you for your efforts. We feel that ID-Cooling has a strong leg to stand on to begin with, they just need to get these products into wider markets so more people can have access to the low price and the performance offered in such a kit. We do also realize that there may be a legal issue on this side of the pond as our instincts are telling us that these are not Asetek built sealed loop coolers. This means that unless you find the oddball site like we did, you may never see these on this side of the pond at all.

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