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  • bauner

    Icekimo 240VGA is aimed for the user who overclocks his GPU, and maintain a low noise level. With its agressive look, the Icekimo 240VGA is perfect for the user with a windows in his chassis. The performance is awesome, and combined with a very low noise level, Icekimo 240VGA is a new player at the market, which is worth keeping an eye with Innovation/Technology - 4 There´s nothing new with Icekimo 240VGA. Watercooling for GPU is not new, but an AIO is a perfect solution for the user who don´t want to fiddle with a custom build loop. Bundle/Accessories - 3 The only thing missing in the box, is a 3-pin extension cable. The rest is in there, including heatsinks for the RAM. Design/Layout - 4 Icekimo 240VGA is all black and green. ID Cooling gives you green lights in both the cooler and the fans. The heat shield is made of anodized aluminum, and the radiator is a standard 240 mm also made of aluminum. The cooling head is massive copper, and the pump house is made out of plastic. All together this gives a piece of high quality hardware, which just feels right. Performance - 4 Our stock cooler didn't stand a chance against the Icekimo 240VGA. Heat -and noise wise, Icekimo 240VGA is hard to beat. Both at stock and overclocked, the Icekimo 240VGA delivered outstanding results.

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